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This Brain and Cognition test measures how quickly you react and whether you can remember complex stimuli. You receive 3 scores - a weighted score in boldface, i.e, 60.11, telling you fast and accurate you are. This boldface score is like a  bowling score, the higher the better.

You will see another score on the right called Average showing your average reaction time in milliseconds. The lower this number is, the better, like a golf score. The 3rd score is the number correct. When you boost your score, you lower your brain's latency and increase your flexibility. After 5 or 6 tests, you may reach your normal standard of performance.  
In taking the test, you are taking a measure of how quickly you see, process, and respond to a alphabetical and spatial stimuli. Your score can be affected by sleep, nutrition, and mental state. After you complete the test, Cognitive Labs will keep a record of your score if you select track my score and indicate your score range.
A millisecond is 1/1000th of a second. In several studies, scientists have associated better than average reaction times to longevity.

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Terms of use: This exercise is presented "as is"  and is not intended to treat any medical condition. Any diagnosis of a medical condition can only be made by a physician. If you have questions, please contact your physician or healthcare professional 

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