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Cognitive Labs is dedicated to making brain fitness easy, fun, accessible, and scientifically-based. Watch your results over time and see how you do - it's beneficial at any age. Our tests and games work on any computer. There are a variety of ways to track yourself right now - and on into the future.


All of our services are accessible - an array of games and tests for your brain. 
In 2008 Cognitive Labs was recognized as a 'gamechanger' in the area of healthy games and brain training by Ashoka, a social entrepreneuring organization in an open-source competition. Mentions include the Slate, PC World, National Geographic Kids, the New York Times (2009) and more. 

1. My Memory

Tests for my memory | Games for my memory

Our memories are at the core of who we are. We all want to preserve them. Scientists believe that regular cognitive and physical exercise is beneficial in protecting our minds. Our speed-oriented cognitive games that train executive function and visual processing have been demonstrated effective through peer-reviewed research. We've made it possible by providing easy to use and accessible games and tests backed up by world-class science.  Follow yourself over time and see how your response times change.

2. Faster Brains, Faster People, Cognitive Reserve

Focus and Attention are key to our success at many things in life that demand concentration and mental flexibility - a range of activities from finding your parked car at an airport to orienting yourself while driving to optimizing performance in mental tasks that require concentration. Exercising the brain with these types of tests and games has been shown by scientists as beneficial and can serve as  valuable indicators for changes in cognitive state. Scientists also assert that cognitive reserve, the build-up of mental capabilities from regular sessions of concentration and attentiveness associated with disciplines that are characterized by focused interaction may extend the brain's capabilities in memory and responsiveness as individuals age.

3. Genes

Scientists are beginning to understand how genes interact with physiological systems to impact health risks individuals face over a lifetime. For memory, there is a particular gene known as APOE that scientists have discovered effects risk for memory loss. Cognitive Labs' tests' were found by Stanford researchers to correlate with positive indicators of the APOEe4 gene in a study of community-dwelling older adults. The study included a variety of age groups including positive-testing participants that did not demonstrate symptoms normally associated with memory loss.  Therefore, the opportunity may exist in the future to find potential candidates for cognitive decline while such individuals are in a high-functioning, asymptomatic state through a generally accessible system.  

4. Games

People of all ages enjoy playing games. Our goal at Cognitive Labs is to provide the widest variety and selection of cognitive games anywhere - both developed by us and also independent game developers. These games can become part of a regular routine of cognitive tests, physical exercise and your other online activities including searching, reading news, and checking email.   If you are interested in joining our developer program, simply email us.

5. Ages

The games and tests can be enjoyed by anyone.   Some features, games and tests are likely to appeal to some segments of our membership more than others.  We add and remove games based on user suggestion.

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6. Community Extension

Get a test to put on your site or blog, or get widgets and apis that let others share some of the games that you like. Just about every new test or game can be added into your site by copying the code and pasting it into your site's sourcecode, and then selecting "publish" or saving to a html template.  As time passes, Cognitive Labs tests will become even easier to use and extensible across the full-range of sites available both on the Internet and the fast-growing world of mobile platforms.
7. is an extension of Cognitive Labs. If 100
million users set their start page to every morning and each individual improved their response time by an achievable 10-15 milliseconds a total of 17.3 days of worldwide productivity would be added to global output. Such an increase in output does not include the substantial positive effects such as better memory and attentiveness and potential early knowledge of emerging health issues.

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