You are climbing the heights of your profession or career. It is often in the thirties that many people begin to notice subtle changes in their bodies and minds.  Plus, the fact that many of us are taking on increasing responsibilities with family and career. Staying focused and maintaining your edge is critical.  Physical and mental exercise can have a very beneficial effect. But how can you see how you are doing?

With an early warning system just about everyone is interested. Why? Because they can find out how they are doing. How fast can I think? How am I doing compared to my friends?

Check everything yourself. Watch your score over time.

Incorporating published research from Stanford and UC, Cognitive Labs is there to give you a simple measure of your cognitive performance. Up until now there was no simple and easy way to monitor yourself.

Just choose the tests and games that interest you. Test and Monitor Yourself all you want.  Play Unlimited games

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  • Unlimited testing and tracking
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